Scaffolding Racking Systems and Window Scaffolding Systems
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Scaffolding Racking Systems and Window Scaffolding Systems

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Scaffolding racking systems are vital components for the safe transport and storage of construction materials. Specifically designed for safe stacking and lifting, these racking systems are used by construction workers and tradesmen alike. Depending on your needs, scaffolding racking systems can be hot dip galvanized or painted. To ensure that you are working with the highest quality materials, a scaffold racking system must meet strict safety standards.

The tie tube is made of two components. The first one is the box tie, which uses an opening to attach the scaffold to a structure. The second part is the transom tie. These connect the scaffold to the transom tube. These ties rely on friction between the scaffold and the transom. Therefore, they require frequent checking. Also, the number of reveal ties should not exceed half. The most suitable scaffold racking system should have at least four components.

The next component is the scaffold board. This provides a work surface for the users of the scaffold. Traditionally, boards are made of seasoned wood and come in three different thicknesses. The length of the scaffold board depends on the type of construction, but a typical four-board scaffold is approximately 870 mm wide from standard to standard. Heavy-duty scaffolding may contain five or six boards. When buying scaffolding, remember to add inside boards to minimize gaps between the inner standard and the structure. Generally, lift heights are two meters on the outside and two metres in the middle. Another important detail is the kicker lift. The kicker lift is 150 mm off the ground.

Scaffolding racking systems are very useful for storing construction materials, from small to large-sized pieces. Proper storage of scaffolding materials can ensure their secure transport and safe shipping. Scaffolding racks can be found in different materials and can be galvanized or powder coated. These scaffold racks are great for storing the SD Ring System Scaffold. They feature removable posts, and come in powder-coated finishes.

Tubes for scaffolding are typically made of steel or aluminium. Composite scaffolding, on the other hand, uses filament-wound glass fibre tubes. Composite scaffolding is generally used where overhead electric cables cannot be isolated. These scaffolds can be painted, but wooden ones should never be. Most companies will adopt a particular colour for their scaffolding. The outside diameter of steel tubes is 48 mm, which is the equivalent of 1.5 NPS pipe. Aluminium tubes are more flexible and lighter than steel, but have lower resistance to stress.


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