Mobile Construction Step Board Aluminium Ring Scaffold
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Mobile Construction Step Board Aluminium Ring Scaffold


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The technology originated in Germany and is the mainstream product in Europe and Australia. The support frame is divided into vertical bar, cross bar and inclined bar. There are eight holes on the disc, and four holes are dedicated to the cross bar; The four large holes are special for inclined rods. The connection mode of cross bar and inclined bar is bolt type, which can ensure that the rod is firmly connected with the vertical bar. The joints of the cross bar and inclined bar are made according to the circular arc and are in full contact with the aluminum pipe of the vertical bar. After knocking the bolt, they are stressed at three points, which can be firmly fixed to increase the structural strength and transmit the horizontal force. The cross bar head and the aluminum pipe body are fixed by full welding, and the force transmission is correct.



The light weight and strong connection node has extremely large bearing capacity, safe and fast construction, and can adapt to the complex indoor and outdoor operation conditions affected by various terrain and space factors.


Product style: disc scaffold.

Product material: aluminum alloy 6082-T6 / 6061-T6.

Safe load: 200kg / m2

Main uses: house construction, bridge and overpass construction, large equipment installation and maintenance, etc.

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