Construction Iron Ring System Scaffold
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Construction Iron Ring System Scaffold


Product Details

RING SYSTEM SCAFFOLD is composed of vertical rod, cross rod, inclined rod, foot sleeve, upper support, base and other scaffold accessories. It is an indispensable construction tool for the construction site in the construction industry. It is used as the external wall support, the erected loading, stacking and temporary structural frame for construction operation. 

Vertical pole: it is the main vertical supporting force bearing member of the whole structure; 

Cross bar: a member connected between the vertical bars, which forms a structural form with the vertical bars to strengthen the bearing capacity of the vertical bars; 

Inclined rod: connected to the diagonal of the vertical structure of the frame, forming a triangular structure with the vertical rod and cross rod to make the vertical structure of the frame more stable;

Foot sleeve: used for the short rod between the bottom of the frame and the vertical rod;

Upper bracket and base: used to adjust the height; And other scaffold accessories.

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