What You Need to Know About a Mobile Scaffold Tower
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What You Need to Know About a Mobile Scaffold Tower

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A Mobile Scaffold Tower is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to work on a variety of surfaces without the need for any additional ladders or scaffolds. Its design features support bars on either side that allow you to work on the surface directly above. Most mobile scaffolds come with several levels that can be connected together with one another. This makes it an excellent alternative to traditional ladders and other types of scaffolds.
Single- and double-width mobile scaffold towers are available in sizes ranging from 1.8 to three meters in width. Single- and double-width mobile towers are ideal for working on narrow surfaces and are available in 1.6-metre and two-metre lengths. They feature an easily adjustable height and an additional platform that can carry more weight. Aluminum is a common material for mobile towers and these can be adjusted to meet your needs.
While a traditional ladder will work well for some jobs, it is often not enough. For instance, a traditional ladder will not work if you need to render or plaster a wall, or are performing heavy construction work. In such cases, you'll want a mobile scaffold tower. They are easy to set up and can be used by one person.
The height of the Mobile Scaffold Tower is adjustable, so it can be set at any height. Its platform will automatically rise or lower when the job is complete. It is equipped with an electric motor to raise and lower the platform to the required height. It will eliminate the need for scaffolding on the facade of a building, making the entire process more efficient and safe. Its wheels will need to be braked when in use.
The height of a
Mobile Scaffold Tower depends on the height of the work area. The maximum height of a mobile access tower is 12 metres. It is made of aluminum and can be adjusted to a maximum height of eight meters. Its wheels allow it to be moved from one place to another easily.Moreover, it can be adjusted to any height you need, even in areas where access is difficult. It is also convenient for moving around.


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