Types of Aluminium Shoring
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Types of Aluminium Shoring

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Aluminium shoring is a popular option for a wide range of excavation projects. It is lightweight and versatile, and easy to set up and dismantle. It also saves time and money on machinery, labour and transport.

The main advantage of aluminium is its malleability, which allows it to bend and mould around obstacles. This flexibility allows for more flexible support and makes it less likely to warp or deform under the weight, pressure and heat of an excavation project.

It also offers a high load capacity which means fewer frames are required, saving labour, equipment and space on site. MEVA32 is a modular shoring tower system which offers efficient, intelligent and easy-to-assemble support solutions for the construction industry.

There are a few different types of shoring structures and methods, but they all use the same principles to provide protection for excavation sites. Some of the most common shoring structures include:

Professionals use this type of shoring to protect construction sites that have low water pressure or water availability. It is also useful for sites that have a large amount of soil to keep in place.

Professionals create a sheet pile wall by using steel sheets, which they then connect together with hammers. These sheets help keep the structure in place, preventing it from falling down and damaging the ground beneath it.

The best way to select the correct shoring wall is to consider the soil type and the size of the hydraulic cylinders used.

Our hydraulic aluminum shoring system can be used to prevent cave-ins when working in narrow trenches, or excavations in soils that tend to slough or ravel. It can be installed by a single worker as quickly as the trench is cut, greatly reducing shoring time and cutting costs dramatically.

The GME hydraulic shoring product line includes; Vertical Shores, End Shores, Hydraulic Shields, Walers Systems and Manhole Shoring. All are designed for use by machines no larger than rubber tired backhoes and mini-excavators. They are excellent for use in areas with crossing utilities, spot repairs and tight situations where a larger machine can not get.

These light, efficient shoring systems are easy to set up and take down making them ideal for construction sites with busy work schedules. In addition, they are significantly less expensive than traditional trench cages and trench shields.

Unlike other trench shoring products, these patented aluminum shoring systems actually compress the wall of the trench to keep it stable. This compression stabilizes the wall and prevents collapse.

Available in both standard and heavy duty configurations, these shoring systems can be used in most soil conditions and with approved wood sheeting. They are also extremely versatile and can be used to support walls in trenches where a larger backhoe cannot be used or for pipe installations where the surface of the ground is unsafe for a sling.

Working in a trench can be a dangerous job, especially if a worker is not wearing a protective shoring system. A cave-in can cause severe injuries or even death.

There are several different types of shoring systems that can help keep workers safe while they work in the trench. Some of the more popular ones include hydraulic shoring and beam and plate shoring.

Hengda has a complete line of municipal-series aluminum trench shoring shields that are light enough to use with rubber-tired backhoes yet strong enough to protect workers from trench cave-ins and other hazards. All of our shields are OSHA-compliant and will keep your workers safe while they are digging.

Our modular trench shields allow you to create a shield in 2, 3, or 4 sided configurations using panels of various lengths and widths. These shields are easy to assemble and take out because they can be disassembled in pieces and easily fit into the back of a truck.

Our octagon build-a-box is an excellent choice for laterals and manhole leads that are curved or have odd angles. The octagon build-a-box consists of aluminum panels and vertical posts that are assembled to form a manhole shield in an octagon shape.

Available in 2AEX (2") and 4AEX (4"") models, these shields are engineered for a wide variety of depths and projects. These shields are made from extruded aluminum panels for exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and superior corrosion resistance.

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