The Aluminum Shoring System
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The Aluminum Shoring System

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Using aluminium shoring can save time and money, while offering the strength and durability of a solid metal. It is also versatile and can be used in many different applications. In addition, it provides increased protection to critical components.

For small and medium-sized trenching and excavation projects, aluminum shoring is an ideal solution. It is lightweight and easy to install. It also offers superior corrosion resistance. It can also be stacked to add height to a trench.

With a wide range of products and accessories, Pacific Shoring, LLC is a leading manufacturer of aluminum trench shoring equipment. They offer products for all applications and job sites. They can be installed by hand or on a mini-excavator. They are also easy to repair and reusable.

The GASS aluminium shoring system is a versatile, lightweight design that allows for a wide range of applications. The components weigh under 50 pounds and are made of durable aluminium. It also provides a load-bearing capacity of 140 kN per leg. This is ideal for a wide range of applications, including the support of heavy columns. It has been developed to meet the demands of the modern construction industry.

With a complete two-meter-long unit weighing 380 pounds, it is easy to install. It also comes with heavy-gauge sheeting caps that protect the sheeting sidewalls. They also include return springs and a hydraulic manifold. These features provide quick width adjustments and increased protection to critical components.

Designed to improve concrete construction quality and ease formwork set-up, the Aluminum Shoring System is a lightweight aluminum shoring frame. It is a modular system that can be used to hold safe working loads of up to 50 kg per frame.

The 12K Heavy Duty Aluminum Shoring System is one third of the weight of comparable load bearing steel frames. It is easily assembled and set by hand or with a crane. It has a safety factor of 2.5. It has a high capacity, and can handle loads up to 24,000 lbs. The shoring frame is also damage resistant and adapts to slopes and steps.

The aluminum shoring system can be installed horiz ontally or vertically on the ground. It features adjustable screw jacks, and is strong and flexible. It also comes in four, five, or six foot wide heights. It can be used in many different shoring applications.

Aluminum hydraulic shores offer superior versatility when supporting trench walls near structures or utilities. They are easy to install and can be removed safely. They are perfect for installing pipes and supporting trench walls near sidewalks or other structures. They come in various lengths, so most can be installed safely.

The aluminum shoring system is lightweight, enabling less labor and lowering transportation costs. It also is durable, rust-free, and has a long service life. With its modular design, it is easy to assemble and set in a half-ton pickup truck. It is also easy to move around the site. It is strong and durable, making it ideal for both temporary and permanent solutions.

The aluminum shoring system can be installed to create a temporary shore or used as a permanent one. It is a cost-effective and safe alternative to steel. It is strong enough to carry loads for up to 24'7" and can be installed by one person. It is a versatile shoring system that can be used to build concrete decks and forms up to 40' long. It is also compatible with the EZ-SHORE. It is available in aluminum and steel.

Whether you are working on a large-scale construction project or just starting a new digging job, aluminum trench shoring is a practical solution to protect workers from cave-ins and collapsed trenches. The lightweight material provides the necessary protection without weighing you down.

Aluminum trench shoring is available in a variety of configurations. Stackable kits up to nine feet tall are available.

The system uses a unique modular panel design to allow for fast assembly and disassembly. The lightweight design also allows for easy transport of the shoring system in a utility van or pickup truck.

The Speed Struts are a great example of the best of the best in trench safety equipment. These innovative struts incorporate hydraulic cylinders within rugged steel sleeves for increased protection to critical components.

Another notable feature is the patented protection plate which guards the supply and bleed valves during installation. The system can be assembled quickly in two, three, or four-sided configurations.

Other important features include a unique pin-less panel connection system that saves time, a certified P.E. certified capacity, and a heavy-gauge sheeting cap that protects the sidewalls of the sheeting.

Aluminum shoring is a great way to improve worker safety and reduce building site turmoil. Select a system that best suits your project and construction goals. It's also a good idea to research the highest overall security ratings. You can't be too careful when digging underground. Use the appropriate equipment to get the job done. Using aluminum trench shoring is a great way to ensure worker safety and reduce work-related injuries.

For more information on aluminum trench shoring systems, visit Pacific Shoring Products. They have been in the trench safety equipment business for over fifteen years and have been the pioneers of lightweight aluminum shoring systems. They are available for same-day shipping. Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, or professional, aluminum trench shoring will improve your safety and efficiency. The next time you need to construct a trench, you'll be glad you chose an aluminum system. Don't forget to take the time to select an aluminum trench shoring that's a perfect match for your project. The team at Aluminum Trench Box will work with you to find the best product for your needs. You'll enjoy peace of mind and reduced work-related injuries. The next time you dig a trench, you'll have the knowledge you need to protect workers from cave-ins and collapsed trenches.


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