The Advantages of an Aluminum Shoring System
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The Advantages of an Aluminum Shoring System

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Advantages of Aluminium Shoring

Whether you're installing a pipe, or completing a municipal maintenance job, aluminium shoring provides superior safety for workers. These lightweight shoring systems can be easily installed by just one person. They are also stackable for added height to the trench.

Compared to steel, aluminium shoring weighs half as much and is easier to transport. It's also more manoeuvrable and can be moved with a rubber tyred backhoe. These shoring systems are available in a variety of panel widths, so they can be customized to the specific size of the trench.

The SBH Aluminium Shoring Series 250 is an ideal solution for light construction machinery, as well as for pit shoring. It can be installed using a mini-excavator and provides support at depths up to 2.40 m. It's also a great option for smaller cable-laying jobs. It functions as a trench box in combination with corner posts.

The G2 heavy duty aluminium shoring system is specifically designed to meet efficiency and productivity requirements. It features built-in guardrails and a rotating frame catch. The system is also designed to support 140kN. It's easy to assemble and requires only three components.

Unlike steel trench boxes, these shoring systems can be installed directly from the ground. This makes them extremely versatile. They can be used for a wide variety of applications, including basic trenching, pipe splicing, and pipeline bellholes.

They also feature a patented hydraulic manifold that controls all the cylinders. This enables you to switch from a 2-way to a 3-way post, and from a smooth-wall aluminum panel exterior to corrugated sheeting.

The Advantages of an Aluminum Shoring System

Whether you're installing a concrete slab or supporting a column, the aluminum shoring system can make your job a lot easier. It's versatile and can be installed by just one person, reducing the cost and hassle of using a trench box. With the right system, you can safely shore up a trench as quickly as it's been excavated. It's also a cost-effective solution, because it reduces the need for fill and compaction.

Aluminum shoring systems are available in a wide variety of designs. The JS Max Aluminum Shoring System, for example, was developed to increase the quality of concrete construction while reducing labor costs. Its light weight makes it easy to carry around and to set up. It also works in concert with the EZ-SHORE, which is designed to help you minimize the amount of time it takes to install formwork.

For large-scale projects, the Hi-Lite Modular Aluminum Shoring System can be set up in a number of different configurations. It's lightweight, durable and accommodates safe working loads of up to 22700 pounds per frame. The 12-K Heavy Duty Aluminum Shoring System is another option for a more portable shoring system. It's a lightweight design that is fast and reliable. It also has a safety factor of 2.5. It can handle a range of conditions, from steep slopes to uneven ground. It's rust-resistant and won't corrode, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The GASS (Ground Anchored System) aluminum shoring system is a design that's perfect for a number of applications. It's made from durable aluminium, which is lightweight and can be mounted to the sides of a trench.

Choosing the Right Type of Trench Shoring

During building construction, there are various types of trench shoring that can be used. They have different purposes and features. Choosing the right one is important for a successful project. It also reduces risks.

Aluminum trench shoring is ideal for any soil condition. It is 50% lighter than steel and is corrosion resistant. It is easy to install. It can be used for both manual and mechanised support systems. It can be purchased new or used.

There are several different approaches to installing aluminum trench boxes. You should choose the one that suits your job scale. You should also be sure that it is installed properly to prevent malfunction.

Hydraulic shoring is a technique that uses hydraulic pistons to keep the sides of the box against the walls of the trench. It is effective for pipe installations and can work around existing utilities. It can also be used to hold a lightweight aluminum trench shield.

If you are unsure of the shoring technique that is best for your project, you can ask a professional. It is important that you have a solid understanding of the process so that you can properly install your equipment.


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