Manual Lifting Platform
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Manual Lifting Platform

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A lifting platform is a flat platform that supports heavy weights. It is usually made from plywood or particle board. It is designed to be sturdy but still flexible enough to allow the barbells to move freely. It also promotes a consistent bounce of the barbells to reduce the chance of injury. Some platforms are made of two plywood slabs with a middle board between them. These are easy to assemble, and you can purchase them at home or at a hardware store.

The material for building a lifting platform varies. If you need a three-foot-six-inch height, you'll need two pieces of rubber 27 inches by eight feet. You can purchase rubber in 4-foot wide sheets and cut them in half for each lift. If you'd like a smaller lifting surface, you can use leftover pieces that are 21 inches wide. You can cut the pieces to fit any size you need for your lifting sheet.

A lifting platform is a versatile piece of machinery that has several functions. It can be used to lift people or load goods. There are mobile and fixed versions of lifting platforms. They are usually part of the special tailgates on trucks. This helps to move heavy cargo from lower loading areas to higher ones. If you have a truck, you can also use a lifting platform for transporting heavy goods. You will need to make sure it is secure and level to avoid any accidents.

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