How to Install an Aluminum Shoring System
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How to Install an Aluminum Shoring System

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Aluminum shoring is a lightweight, cost-effective, and easy-to-install solution for trench workers. It provides the necessary support in a trench, minimizing the risk of a job site accident.

Aluminum shoring is suitable for a wide variety of jobs. It is ideal for municipal maintenance projects, cable splices, pipeline bellholes, and other utility installations. They are also good for demolition work and new construction.

Aluminium shoring has been used for over 40 years. This innovative product is designed to be lightweight, allowing you to use it on smaller excavators. It can be installed quickly by a single worker.

A standard aluminum shoring system has a maximum capacity of 100 kNs per leg section. There are a wide variety of panel widths, making it possible to customize a shoring system to the job.

The MEVA32 aluminium frame is a sturdy, lightweight, and flexible solution for a variety of shoring applications. It features adjustable screw jacks and is available in heights of 4', 5', and 6'.

AEX Trench Shields are manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloys, and are 4" thick to provide optimal protection for a rubber-tired backhoe. These shields are also available in 2" thickness.

SBH Aluminium Light Weight Shoring is a versatile, quick, and cost-effective shoring system that can be installed to depths of 2.40 m. It is also suitable for a variety of applications, including pit shoring, trench edge support, and cable laying.

GASS aluminum shoring is lightweight, easy to install, and has built-in guardrails to protect workers from falling material. The components weigh less than 50 pounds, compared to over 250 pounds for steel scaffolding.

The lightweight nature of the aluminum shoring system allows it to be installed in a single worker without the need for multiple crew members. This reduces labor and costs, while also making the equipment easier to transport. These systems are able to handle a variety of soil conditions.

Aluminum hydraulic shoring has been used in the construction industry for over forty years. It has evolved to meet the requirements of the industry. Today's ICI construction demands require aluminum shoring systems to be stronger, more durable, and less costly.

A typical shoring system includes two hydraulic cylinders that extend when pressure is applied to the trench wall. This helps prevent cave-ins. Hydraulic cylinders are pressurized outside of the excavation with a hand-pump. In most cases, this will allow a contractor to shore up the trench as soon as it's excavated.

The MEVA32 is a lightweight aluminum shoring frame that can be installed in a vertical configuration. It is available in 4', 5', and 6' heights. The lightweight frame can be re-used, minimizing on-site damage. It is also rust-free and has a long service life.

When installing the shoring, choose the appropriate cylinder and rail sizes. For a single-sided application, use a 3-inch cylinder with a safe working load of at least 10,000 pounds axial compressive load at maximum extension. However, when working with soils that are highly irregular, such as soft clay or loose gravel, consider using a 5-inch cylinder.

Aluminum trench shoring is a versatile safety solution that improves worker efficiency and reduces work-related accidents. It is a cost-effective, safe, and dependable solution that can be used on jobs that include digging, pipe laying, and cable connection.

Trench shoring is a process of compressing soil walls to stabilize them and prevent collapse. The shoring system is supported by hydraulic cylinders that press against the wall membrane of the trench. Some shoring systems use steel I-beams that are powered into the ground and pushed against the trench walls.

These are used for both permanent and temporary applications. They are particularly effective for pipe installation, underground construction, and removing soil. In some cases, they may be paired with a sheeting guide system.

Unlike steel, aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. However, it is prone to dents and dent marks. Therefore, proper care must be taken to avoid damages.

There are many aluminum trench shoring options to choose from. One of the most popular is the Kundel V-Panel Aluminum Trench Box. This system is designed for ease of assembly, and is flexible enough to fit any job.

Another option is the Mabey universal system. It can be used in a variety of configurations, including near neighboring structures and utilities. It is also used in bad soil conditions.

Another trench shoring method is the beam and dish method. It uses a combination of slid-in metallic plates and steel I-beams. It is also used in permanent and extreme excavation applications.

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