How to Build a Scaffold Tower?
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How to Build a Scaffold Tower?

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It is important to keep your scaffold tower safe by using an advanced safety guard rail system. This system allows workers from below to be safe while working. If the height of the scaffold tower is too high, it must be moved to a safer location. Also, the weight of the load on the scaffold must not exceed the manufacturer's recommendations. The height of the scaffold must be adjustable. Besides, the workers should have an easy and safe access to the top floor.

Moreover, it should be secured to the wall with heavy wires. It should also be tied down by a tying pattern approved by the manufacturer. In addition, it should be braced, as specified by the manufacturer. In case the tower is going to encroach a highway, it needs additional bracing. The braces should be a combination of diagonal, cross, and horizontal types. However, if you have to climb the tower, you must use ladders, not the scaffold braces.

Before using a scaffold tower, consider the type of work site you are going to perform. Choosing the best height for your project will depend on the size of your work site. For example, if you're working on a three-metre-high wall, a three-metre-high scaffold may not be ideal. Similarly, if you're working at a low level, a lower scaffold might be a better option.

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