How a Scaffold Tower Can Help You in Your Next Project
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How a Scaffold Tower Can Help You in Your Next Project

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A Scaffold Tower is a structural system of scaffolds for building multi-stories. It can be used for many different purposes, from a ski jump on the TODAY Show to a media tower at a collegiate sports event. These structures are also used to build observation platforms and lighting towers for First Friday events at the Portland Museum of Art. To learn more about how a Scaffold Tower can help you in your next project, read on.

The construction industry requires that scaffolds be fitted with ladders for safe access. But there are many factors that can make it hazardous. The main hazard that a scaffold can be prone to is a failed suspension rope.  Also, you must check for safety measures such as falling protection gear. A safety harness is a necessity for any work platform. It should be installed at every third level to prevent the scaffold from falling during the work.

While the use of scaffolds can be dangerous, these structures are highly effective in reducing the risks of workplace injuries and fatalities. The safety of workers should be prioritized. Despite the risks, these structures are often required to be constructed with great care. In case of an emergency, scaffolds should be erected by trained workers. If you need to use a scaffold, make sure you hire a professional and trained engineer. It can save you a lot of trouble and money.

When constructing a Scaffold Tower, there are many different things to consider. You can consider the material and capacity of the structure. For instance, it should be designed for a safe working environment. If the structure is constructed with wood, OSHA recommends using a building tie between every third and fourth level. But the SSFI and SIA did not require that the structure use wood for their construction. Then, the scaffold is supposed to be able to sustain a light or medium load.

Although OSHA's new standard for scaffold stairways and towers does not directly address safety issues, it is a common practice for workers to use them. The height requirements should be adjusted to account for the unique hazards of scaffold stairways. This is because scaffolds are designed to have 36 to 45-inch guardrails. This will ensure that workers are not exposed to fall hazards.


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