Different Types of Aluminium Shoring
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Different Types of Aluminium Shoring

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Aluminium shoring is a great solution for excavation sites where heavy machinery is not available. It is lightweight and can be easily installed by just one person.

Construction professionals use different types of shoring to ensure the safety of their workers and their projects. Shoring types are used to prevent structures from collapsing on an excavation site or construction site, as well as keeping the soil in place while excavating.

Contiguous Pile Shoring (also known as tangent pile shoring) involves putting long cylinders of concrete together to create tight rows of support that can help keep materials dry on construction sites. It can also be used in situations where there is less water pressure or water availability.

Dead shoring is another type of shoring that professionals use to hold the weight of structures. It consists of vertical beams that connect to a piece of material that offers extra support, such as steel plates.

Professionals use this type of shoring when most of a structure has been damaged, so it can hold the dead load. It is also used when there are no options for open excavation.

Pneumatic shoring is another type of shoring, but instead uses air pressure to keep structures from falling. This type of shoring requires a compressor to pressurize air and make it forceful enough to keep a structure upright.

It is also a great option for shoring small excavations that don’t require the use of heavy equipment. It is a lighter alternative to trench cages, which can be cumbersome and require heavy machinery to install.

A lightweight aluminum shoring system is an efficient solution for protecting workers in underground construction. These systems are light and easy to set up and take down, saving your company time and money.

The HI-LITE Aluminum Shoring Frame is an adjustable system that adapts to slopes, steps and vertical walls – eliminating the need for screw jacks, base plates and extension tubes. It is almost maintenance free, rust proof and never requires painting - extending its service life on your job site.

These shoring frames are available in four different heights and six sizes. They are lightweight and versatile, making them an excellent choice for a variety of shoring applications, including concrete formwork.

Hydraulic Shores apply pressure to trench walls, preventing cave-ins and allowing workers to complete excavations without fear of collapse. They are ideal for working around existing utilities, supporting trench walls near structures, curbs or sidewalks and in situations where a larger backhoe cannot be used.

End Shores offer an economical alternative to trench shields and are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as securing pipes, manholes, and vaults. They are portable and easy to install with only a rubber tired backhoe or compact excavator.

Double 2'' Cylinder Pack Shores mount on either 18'' or 24'' long heavy-duty waler rails. These units use two 3" aluminum hydraulic cylinders to provide additional pressure where a corner of the excavation wall needs to be supported.

Speed Shore's patented shoring shields combine the safety of a trench shield with the solid-wall security of a static shield to offer optimum protection for workers in construction environments that require close or intermittent sheeting. They are a cost effective solution for municipalities and utility contractors that need to support a small number of workers during their daily trenching duties.

Aluminum trench shoring offers a safer and less expensive alternative to steel trench shields. Its lightweight nature makes it easier to transport and assemble at the job site.

The simplest and easiest protective system is an UltraShore trench box. It satisfies the federal government's requirement that all excavations over five feet deep require a system of protection.

Available in various sizes, this double 2.5 foot stackable profile is easily disassembled and transported with a pickup truck or commercial truck. It features spreaders and square connectors that are fast to assemble.

Octagon Build-A-Box (tm) is designed for lateral pipes, manholes and utility structures with odd-angled laterals. It can be configured as two-sided or three-sided, depending on the needs of the crew.

Adjustable Spreaders allow for rapid field modification of shield width. Lightweight Modular Components and Dual-Purpose End Members connect both panels and spreaders in multiple configurations.

Patented Hydraulic Manifold assures precise control of all cylinders, which can be controlled from a topside location. Centrally located supply and bleed valves facilitate rapid installation and removal of the trench shield, while also allowing complete fluid recovery.

Designed for rubber-tired backhoes, small excavators and contractors who prefer a heavy-duty, lightweight trench shield to pull along the trench as work progresses. This exclusive welded steel frame weighs in at approximately half the weight of comparable steel trench shields.

The octagon box can be installed with or without a bottom panel, making it versatile for use on projects involving T-connections and crossing utilities when soil conditions permit (refer to tabulated data). Its patented Quad Strut provides an end-loadable strut that takes the place of three spreader set sizes with one!


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