Aluminium Shoring For Trenches
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Aluminium Shoring For Trenches

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Aluminium Shoring For Trenches

Using aluminium shoring for trenches can provide a number of advantages. It is lightweight, portable and easy to install. It provides a sturdy support for heavy slabs and columns. It also reduces the overall cost of a project.

In addition to reducing labor costs, aluminium systems can reduce overall project duration. They are also reusable and can be stacked to add height to the trench.

Standard aluminium shoring systems can be designed to support any vertical position. They can be assembled by hand or by using heavy construction equipment. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They can support a maximum capacity of 100kNs per leg section.

GASS is an aluminium shoring system that has been developed to meet the demands of the construction industry. It is easy to erect and uses only three main components. The aluminium components weigh less than 50 pounds. They also come in a variety of panel widths and lengths, allowing for custom solutions.

Aluminium Light Weight Shoring is ideal for smaller trench shoring projects. It is designed to be easy to assemble and install by two people. It can be used to support trenches up to 2,40 m. It functions as a trench box in conjunction with corner posts. It can be installed by using a mini-excavator.

Aluminium Shoring Series 250 is the perfect solution for small excavation jobs. It can be used as a trench box or as a pit shoring.

Use an Aluminum Shoring System to Stabilize a Trench

Using an aluminum shoring system is a great way to stabilize a trench. Its lightweight design means less transportation and storage costs. And the modular design means you can assemble it easily. Using an aluminum shoring system can help prevent cave-ins in most soil conditions.

In addition to being lightweight, aluminum shoring systems are strong enough to have bracing for added stability. They are also easy to set up and can be erected by one person. The system is also safe and provides workers with protection from falling debris.

The Hi-Lite Modular Aluminum Shoring System is lightweight and easy to set up. It can accommodate safe working loads of up to 22 700 pounds per frame. It is also designed to work with various widths and configurations.

It also has a high load capacity of up to 32 kips. Its vertical legs are strong 8-inch aluminum rails. Its gravity fed hardened locking pins make assembly easy. Its tongue and groove panel design means it can be stacked and assembled in various locations. It also has dual purpose corner rails that make assembly fast and simple.

Hydraulic shores are another great option for shoring. They work well in construction environments where there are existing utilities and are perfect for shoring walls near buildings and sidewalks.

Advantages of Aluminum Trench Shoring

Whenever a construction project involves digging a trench, the safety of the workers is of utmost importance. With aluminum trench shoring, the crew members are assured of their safety. It is a simple, yet effective solution.

It is easy to install and move. The material is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution. You can easily customize the width of the trench box and the thickness. You can purchase the right size of the box according to your budget.

It is perfect for contractors, utility companies and plumbers. The aluminum trench shoring boxes are easy to move and stack. They are also easy to assemble. You can even break it down if you need to transport it.

Aluminum trench boxes are available in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses. They are manufactured using special corrugated aluminum. The lightweight aluminum trench shields can also provide you with a technical support system for excavation. It can help you prevent caving in and protect the area from collapse.

It is important to buy a trench box that fits the size of the trench. Also, it is important to install the box correctly. Otherwise, it may malfunction. This can lead to accidents and even death.

These boxes are durable and easy to assemble. They are also lightweight and can be easily carried by small pick-up trucks. They are ideal for small projects such as spot repairs. They are also perfect for municipalities and underground contractors.


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