Aluminium Shoring For Trench Protection
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Aluminium Shoring For Trench Protection

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Trench protection is an essential part of any construction project. The right shoring system can help prevent cave-ins, soil movement and the potential loss of underground utilities and roadways.

There are several types of shoring systems available, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and timber. All have their own unique benefits and advantages, so selecting the best shoring solution for your excavation will depend on the conditions at your site.

Hydraulic shoring is a prefabricated strut and wale system made from aluminum or steel that can be lowered into trenches by workers using an excavator or other equipment. This shoring method is very safe and does not require workers to enter the trench to install or remove shoring.

Vertical shores apply pressure to the walls of the trench to prevent cave-ins – great for working around existing utilities, putting in pipes that can’t be supported with a backhoe, and installing trench wall supports near structures or curbs.

End shores support nearly vertical trench walls by placing rams against the walls and then pushing sheeting against them. This method has limited applications because it requires nearly vertical trench walls and soils that have significant cohesion.

Aluminium shoring boxes are lightweight alternatives to heavy steel manhole boxes that offer a variety of struts for a custom fit. They’re also a more fuel efficient alternative to sheets and frames, which means less on-site waste and lower machinery costs.

If you’re looking for an affordable shoring system for your next construction project, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with the right shoring system for the job.

An aluminum shoring system is a lightweight, hydraulically supported shoring solution that helps prevent cave-ins in narrow trenches and excavations. These systems are used by construction contractors for a wide variety of purposes. They include a number of different shoring products, such as Vertical Shores, End Shores, Hydraulic Shields, Manhole Braces and more.

Unlike steel shields, which can be expensive to rent or lease and require a backhoe or larger excavator to move, aluminum shoring systems are easily set up and moved around the job site. They are light and efficient, allowing workers to spend less time working in the trenches. They also work well in areas where a larger machine isn't necessary, such as crossing utilities or spot repairs.

If your job requires working in trenches or tunnels, aluminum trench shoring is a great choice to keep your crew safe while they work. They are strong enough to protect workers from cave-ins, but are less than half the weight of steel trench boxes.

Unlike heavy cages and other shoring materials, aluminum trench shields are easy to transport and set up. This makes them a versatile solution for plumbers, utility companies and underground contractors.

Hengda patented shoring shields (trench safety barriers) combine the benefits of hydraulic shoring with the solid-wall security of a static barrier. Ideal for cable splice pits, vault placements and light utility installations, they are a cost-effective way to shore up trenches and protect your workers.

The AEX Series of 2AEX and 4AEX aluminum shields feature narrow, double-wall panels that minimize excavation width while maximizing interior room. These shields are easily handled by rubber-tired backhoes and small excavators, making them perfect for any municipal, contractor or utility company.

The Pro-Tec Equipment® Mod series is a lightweight modular system that can be transported by pickup truck to a job site and assembled on-site in 2-, 3- or 4-sided configurations to suit your needs. This system includes spreaders, adjustable corner posts and support posts that are all attached to each other by a sling-style, dual-purpose end member.

The Cat(r) Rental Store offers a wide selection of aluminum octagon trench shoring systems that fit around rounded manholes and utility structures. These shields are available in sizes to fit trenches from 5' high x 8' long up to 12' high x 14' long. They are made with high-quality corrugated aluminum and can be used in shallow excavations up to a depth of 6'.


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