Aluminium Shoring - A Safe, Versatile and Affordable Temporary Support System for Excavating
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Aluminium Shoring - A Safe, Versatile and Affordable Temporary Support System for Excavating

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Aluminium shoring offers a safe, versatile and affordable temporary support system for excavations. It consists of aluminium shores fitted into place and a hydraulic pump to apply pressure through them, providing the required support.

Aluminum shoring can be used as an alternative to steel shoring systems, allowing for a lighter weight and easier installation on construction sites. They also offer a lower cost than other materials and are easier to transport and handle, making them ideal for smaller projects with limited access.

A variety of aluminium shoring products are available, including vertical shores, end shores, and shields. They are designed to provide protection in a wide range of applications, such as working around existing utilities, supporting trench walls near structures or curbs, and pipe installations where a larger backhoe can not be used.

Vertical shores can be installed by a single person with no equipment necessary, which makes them an excellent choice for tight spaces and confined areas. They are lightweight and can be easily transported by pickup truck or a rubber-tired backhoe.

The speed struts within telescoping steel sleeves make them easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be changed over to smaller or larger shields. They can also be used in conjunction with sheeting guides to increase vertical pipe clearance, especially in linear trenches where pipes are located at different heights.

Trench shields can be used with most types of rubber-tired backhoes and light excavators, and are offered in a variety of sizes and strength rated. They feature foam-filled walls, steel lifting and pulling eyes, heavy-duty stacking sockets, and spreaders for two- to four-sided shoring.

aluminium shoring

Types of Aluminum Shoring System

Aluminum Shoring System

A aluminum shoring system is an effective tool to help prevent the collapse of a trench and the damage it can cause to construction workers. The type of shoring system used depends on the size of the trench, as well as the specific needs of the contractor.

Lightweight and Portable – Most lightweight shoring systems can be easily transported by hand or in the back of a pickup truck, saving time and money on transportation costs. They also allow for quick, flexible installations.

Trench Shields – Typically, trench shields are meant to protect workers from cave-ins, which can be extremely dangerous for construction workers. They provide a barrier that can be easily removed when excavation is complete, or moved to another area as the work progresses.

Hydraulic Shores – Unlike trench shields, hydraulic shores actually apply pressure to the walls of a trench. This pressure is meant to create an equilibrium that keeps the trench’s wall stable.

Corner Shores – Similar to hydraulic shores, corner shores use two hydraulic cylinders to apply pressure to the trench sides. The cylinders are pressurized outside the trench with an easy to use hand-pump and then dropped into the trench at the desired height.

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Aluminum Trench Shoring

Aluminum Trench Shoring

Lightweight yet strong enough to protect trench workers from injuries and unstable soil, aluminum trench shoring is half the weight of steel trench shielding. The light nature of these shoring solutions also make them easier to move, assemble and stack, so you can get your work done quickly.

Extruded Aluminum Alloy Construction for extremely high strength-to-weight ratios and superior corrosion resistance. Narrow Double-Wall Panels minimize excavation width and maximize interior work space for increased productivity.

Adjustable Spreaders allow for rapid field modification of shield width and a choice of 2, 3, or 4-sided shield configurations. Dual-Purpose End Members connect both panels and spreaders in multiple configurations.

Foam-Filled Smooth Walls prevent accumulation of water, dirt and debris while Thru-Wall Spreader Sockets penetrate end vertical supports for added strength. Heavy-duty lifting rings facilitate four-point lift of units.

Patented Speed Struts feature hydraulic cylinders and return springs within rugged telescoping steel sleeves, providing 3 or 4 sided trench support with enhanced protection to critical components while eliminating the need for a separate end-loading strut. An exclusive patented hydraulic manifold assures precise control of each cylinder and provides for complete fluid recovery.

Available in 2AEX (2" Thick wall) and 4AEX (4" Thick wall) models, these aluminum trench shoring systems are designed to be used with rubber-tired back hoes and small excavators. These shoring systems are ideal for municipal maintenance and repair, cable splice pits, pipeline bellholes, vault placements and trenchless technology pits.

aluminium shoring

aluminum trench shoring

aluminum shoring system

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