Advantages of the Aluminum Shoring System
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Advantages of the Aluminum Shoring System

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Aluminum shoring is a common form of temporary support used during construction and demolition work. It is an important component of a construction project as it helps ensure the safety of workers and protects the structure they are working on.

Aluminium shoring boxes are a great option for constructing trenches and supporting them in tight areas, and they are also more lightweight than steel. This makes them easier to transport and handle on the job site.

HI-LITE Aluminium shoring frames are almost maintenance free and do not rust. They are also damage resistant and do not require painting - increasing their service life. This means less inventory required on a construction project, which reduces the cost of storage and transportation.

Aluminum shoring system is a versatile and adaptable shoring solution that can be used in a variety of applications. It is lightweight, high-strength and quick-assemble.

The shoring system has many advantages over other types of shoring, including a lower cost and less maintenance. The system can also be re-used for other projects, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Aluminium shoring is a safe, reliable and efficient alternative to steel and timber shoring. It is also lightweight and easy to transport.

Hydraulic shores prevent cave-ins in all but the most unstable soil conditions through hydraulic pressure by supporting side walls of trenches and excavations. They are ideal for working around existing utilities, trenching near structures or curbs, and pipe installations where a larger backhoe cannot be used.

Soldier pile and lagging, one of the most flexible shoring systems available, consists of prefabricated H-shaped steel piles driven or placed in drilled holes to provide a retaining wall function. They are then supported by horizontal supports between each beam called a lagging wall.

Beam and plate shoring, another type of shoring system, uses steel shoring plates to support and stabilize trench walls. The plates are removable by an excavator as backfilling takes place, making removal fast and efficient.

Pneumatic shoring is similar to hydraulic shoring, but instead of using a hydraulic pump, it uses an air compressor. This enables the system to be installed by a single worker as fast as the trench is cut, reducing shoring time and cutting costs.

A growing number of utility workers are turning to aluminum trench shoring for all of their trench shoring needs. This is because aluminum is lighter than steel and can be moved easily, making it ideal for excavation projects where a lot of moving around may be required.

One of the most dangerous hazards that a contractor can face while working on a project is the possibility that a trench’s walls will collapse and bury the worker under tons of soil, clay, and debris. This is why it’s so important for utility crews to have a way to protect themselves and the rest of their team from the dangers that come with digging in the dirt.

Adjustable Spreaders allow field modification of the width of the shield and Dual-Purpose End Members connect both panels and spreaders in multiple configurations, ensuring the best possible protection for the crew. Foam-filled smooth walls prevent accumulation of water, dirt and debris while Thru-Wall Spreader Sockets penetrate end vertical supports for added strength.

Heavy-Duty Lifting Rings provide for rapid four-point lifting of units.

The Speed Shore(r) ICON-O-Lite also features a unique patented hydraulic manifold that allows precise control of each hydraulic cylinder from a convenient topside location. This exclusive feature ensures the safety of the operator until the shoring system has securely shored the trench.

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