Advantages of Aluminum Trench Shoring
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Advantages of Aluminum Trench Shoring

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Unlike steel trench boxes, aluminum shoring is light, reusable, and can be easily installed. It is also extremely cost effective. It provides the same safety benefits as steel shields.

Aluminum shoring is available in a variety of shapes. Standard aluminum shoring systems can support any vertical position. They are ideal for trenching and municipal maintenance projects. They are fast to assemble and support large volumes of false-work. These systems can also be stacked to add height to the trench. They can be used for a wide variety of projects, including excavations in underground utilities.

For larger projects, steel cages can be used. However, steel cages are heavy and impractical for small jobs. If the excavation is not large, an aluminum system may be more practical. For example, the G2-heavy duty aluminium shoring system was designed to meet productivity and safety requirements. It includes a rotating frame catch, built-in guardrails, and a load-bearing capacity of 140 kN.

Alternatively, aluminum panel shields with a steel frame are designed for rubber-tired backhoes. These shields are half the weight of comparable steel trench shields. They can be installed by a single person and are a great solution for third-sided trench protection.

For smaller projects, the Aluminium Light Weight Shoring is a simple, lightweight solution. The aluminium shoring system is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It can be installed by hand or with a mini-excavator. It provides excellent support for trench edges, pit shoring, and cable splices. It also functions in combination with corner posts.

Compared to steel systems, an aluminum shoring system is lighter in weight and has less storage costs. It is also safe and easy to install. The aluminum shoring system resembles a ladder and is hydraulically stabilized. It is also designed to handle heavy loads. It can be installed on ground in sections of up to 40 feet.

It is easy to install, lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. The aluminum frame is resistant to damage and can be reused for additional projects. Its strength makes it resistant to wedging. A lightweight aluminum shoring system is ideal for projects with limited formwork. It can be assembled in 2, 3 or 4 sided configurations.

The aluminum shoring system is designed to carry decks up to 24'-7". It also has wide bay leg spacing which increases stability. In addition, it can be erected with a crane. It is also extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

The aluminum shoring system is easy to transport and can be installed in minutes. It can also be set up by a single worker. The system is also quick to assemble. It can be transported in a pickup truck.

Using aluminum trench shoring provides the safety and security necessary for your construction project. The lightweight, durable aluminum is dependable and easy to use. They also help to reduce the amount of excavation needed. They are ideal for municipalities, plumbers, and utility companies.

Aluminum is also very corrosion-resistant, meaning that they are durable enough to last for years. They are easy to transport and can be easily stacked or broken down. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including pipe installation and crossing utilities. They are also cost-effective. They weigh hundreds of pounds less than other shoring products.

Aluminum panel shields with a steel frame are a great solution for light-duty excavators, like rubber-tired backhoes. They are half the weight of comparable steel trench shields, and they offer superior corrosion resistance.

Hydraulic shoring is used to hold the aluminum trench box sides against the trench wall structure. The hydraulic fittings enable rapid assembly and disassembly. These units are available in different sizes and configurations, and can be purchased new or used.


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