Advantages of Aluminium Shoring.
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Advantages of Aluminium Shoring.

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Aluminium shoring is an excellent way to support heavy columns and slabs. It is a great alternative to steel, as it is much lighter and easier to handle.

Standard aluminium shoring systems are designed to support any vertical position and can be quickly assembled by men. They are available in various sizes and panel widths and can be assembled with two-way or three-way corner posts.

The aluminium shoring system is lightweight, and can be easily moved with a rubber-tyred backhoe. When installed, it provides incredible strength. This makes it a viable option for deep excavations without steel trench boxes.

GASS aluminium shoring is a modern design that allows for load-bearing capacity of up to 140 kN per leg. In addition to this, the system has been specifically designed for use in a variety of applications. Using this lightweight system, a crew can install the components in a fraction of the time compared to steel.

SBH aluminium light weight shoring is a quick and cost-effective way to support small trench shoring projects. Made of highly durable Aluminium F 25, it is able to hold struts and can be installed to depths of 2.40 m. Together with corner posts, it is an ideal solution for the trench edge support.

Aluminum shoring is a durable and flexible system that can be custom-made for the size of the trench. It can be stacked for a higher level of protection. Also, the lightweight design ensures it can be transported safely, avoiding the potential for damage.

The Hi-Lite Modular Aluminum Shoring System is an effective and versatile system that is designed to support safe working loads up to 22,000 lbs. It is light weight and easy to install. This system has been used by concrete contractors around the world.

Aside from its lightweight design, the system also has a high capacity-to-weight ratio, which makes it very durable. The aluminum frame can be re-used and requires little maintenance. Also, the system is adaptable to slopes. In addition, the system is durable and rust-free.

The system's versatility allows for construction on the ground in sections up to 40 feet. Furthermore, it can be erected by a crane. Moreover, it is designed to carry heavy decks. Thus, it is ideal for many shoring applications.

Aside from its excellent capacity-to-weight ratio, the MEVA32 aluminum frame is also flexible. It can be installed horizontally on the ground or vertically using MEP gates. Additionally, it features adjustable screw jacks.

It can also be converted into a flying table. The MEVA32 towers have a high load capacity. Depending on the requirements, it is available in heights of 4', 5' and 6'. Similarly, it has a saddle beam that can mount on the frame.

Another option for protecting third-sided trenches is the Corrugated Aluminum Hydraulic End Shore. These shores are designed to prevent collapse by compressing the walls of the trench. Unlike other forms of shoring, they are easy to install. They can be installed by one worker, and offer a great safety solution.

Aluminum trench shoring is a lightweight, dependable solution for digging up or installing pipes in a trench. It is the best choice for a variety of jobs, including spot repairs, short term construction and scheduled preservation work.

Lightweight aluminum trench boxes come in a range of sizes and styles. Most are made with two sides. The patented "pin less" design protects the aluminum panels when lightly dragged in the trench. A steel platter can also be added for extra stability.

AEX Trench Shields are available in a 4" or 2" thick wall. They're ideal for small excavators and rubber-tired backhoes. These shields offer a superior corrosion resistance and are made from extruded aluminum panels.

Kundel ShoreLite Lite Aluminum Trench Box is a light weight solution to a common problem. The patented "pin less" design provides a strong, modular, and durable trench box. This model is stackable for easy access and can be customized to fit your needs.

Whether you're looking for a new or used model, you'll find that a lightweight aluminum trench box can keep you and your crew safe and secure. With a range of widths, thicknesses, and materials, there's a product for every job.


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