Advantages of Aluminium Shoring
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Advantages of Aluminium Shoring

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Aluminium shoring is an efficient solution for construction sites. These shoring systems are manufactured with special extrusion-pressed profiles for optimal material performance in extreme working conditions. Its versatility allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications. In addition, these systems are cost-effective and easy to install.

Aluminium shoring is lightweight and easy to install. It is a cost-effective alternative to steel trench boxes. Heavy equipment is required to lift steel trench boxes, but aluminium shoring is easy to handle by hand. This lightweight material is also easy to transport, which makes it ideal for construction sites.

Aluminum frames can be disassembled for easy transport to various construction sites. The legs are then assembled into the complete frames. This mechanical connection also facilitates repair. When the legs or braces become damaged, it is easy to replace them. The frames are typically interconnected by welding. The advantage of aluminum frames is that they weigh only a third of the weight of conventional steel scaffolding.

The shoring frame is formed from extruded aluminum. The frame includes spaced aluminum tubular legs. A pair of horizontal and vertical leg connectors are mounted on the frame. The legs are connected to the frame using bolts, rivets, or welded connections.

The HI-LITE 12K heavy-duty aluminum shoring system is a durable, lightweight and flexible shoring system that is capable of bearing loads of up to 24,000 pounds. Its modular design makes it flexible to suit a variety of shoring applications and is nearly maintenance-free. Additionally, the light weight of the system means it does not require painting, which reduces transportation costs. The HI-LITE aluminum shoring system also features a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame that is durable, lightweight and re-usable.

Designed for narrow excavations and trenches, lightweight hydraulic aluminum shoring is an excellent solution to prevent cave-ins. In the event that raveling is a concern, vertical aluminum shores can be topped off with approved wood sheeting. Aluminum hydraulic shores can be easily installed by a single worker, and are available in standard and custom heights.

The GASS aluminium shoring system is lightweight and strong, with an average weight of just 50 pounds. This shoring system features integral brace frames and a maximum load capacity of 24,000 pounds per leg. The shoring system requires three components: an aluminum tower structure, a steel plate, and a steel post.

Aluminum trench shoring is a great solution for the protection of underground utilities. This material is strong, durable, and lightweight. It can be easily transported by a pickup truck. It can be used as a 2-sided or 4-sided shield. It is ideal for projects involving odd-angled laterals or manhole leads. In addition, it is easy to install.

Another great solution is an aluminum trench box. This type of trench shoring can be used with a steel platter or a heavy-duty plywood called Fin form. A steel I-beam is powered into the ground, and then material plates are slid into place. This combination provides excellent support for the trench walls and prevents cave-ins.

Aluminum trench shoring is commonly used in development and smaller jobs. This material is especially useful in places where the job site is small and easy to access. This type of trench shoring is also perfect for scheduled maintenance and repair work. It ensures the safety of workers and prevents the soil from separating. This material is versatile, which means it can be used in a variety of soil conditions.

Aluminum trench boxes are useful for reducing the need for excavation. They are easy to install, durable, and dependable. The best part is that they can be easily transported from one location to another. When installed correctly, aluminum trench boxes help reduce the risk of work-related injury and ensure the safety of workers.


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