Adjustable Aluminium Shoring
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Adjustable Aluminium Shoring

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An adjustable aluminium shoring pole is a versatile tool for securing pallets, sheets of timber or plaster boards. These shoring poles are compatible with 8mm and 20mm pin tracks. Other models are available, which are more compatible with Sortimo ProSafe Track and Q rails. If you're planning to buy one of these shoring poles, you can find the right size for your vehicle by reading the descriptions below.

When deciding on the right kind of prop to use for your project, you may want to consider the advantages of Aluminum Prop Shoring. In addition to being light and easy to handle, aluminum props are highly versatile and can serve as shoring towers. Aluminum props are supported by a frame with connectors and can be designed to be as rigid as required. They are ideal for bridge construction and high-load applications. They can be designed to support various loads and any geometry.

Is an innovative modular aluminum shoring system. Its features include high load-bearing capacity, low weight, and integrated connectors. Its design enables rapid and intuitive assembly. It also offers accurate height adjustment. Available in six different lengths and widths,Is easily adjustable for any height needed. It is available in two types, a heavy-duty and a lightweight version. Each unit has the perfect combination of strength and portability.


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